How to choose a bed

Good sleep is a guarantee of health, and health, as you know, cannot be saved. Doctors have long proved that in almost half of the cases the cause of back pain is the wrong bed. On the contrary, if the purchase is made correctly, taking into account all the rules and recommendations, the dream will bring real rest and relaxation, and the morning will always be good, even despite the alarm bell. How to choose the bed and not lose your head from a huge range? We understand the type of construction, preferred materials, size, style and other features that are important to consider when purchasing.



The presence of a headboard in the back of the bed depends on where it stands. If you are going to put a bed head against the wall, then you can easily do without a separate backrest. The wall near the head can be distinguished, for example, with soft wall panels, artificial stone, paint or wallpaper of a different color. There are more daring solutions: boards, screens, tree cuts, etc. Above the headboard, you can organize a shelf for storing necessary or purely decorative items. Sometimes such a shelf smoothly flows into the storage system, which continues on the sides of the bed.



A bed consists of a base where the mattress is placed, and a frame on which the base rests. The structure of the frame may include backs of the head and foot, supports (legs, podium) and tsargami (these are the side panels of the bed).
The frame can be one of these two types:
two supporting backs and two lateral tsargami;
four tsarga and one or two hinged backs. The supports in this case are the legs or wheels.
What type of frame is better, definitely hard to say. If the bed is made with high quality, then in any case it will be durable, and low-quality copies will soon begin to creak. However, the samples on the backrest show themselves somewhat better than the models on the legs. The supports of a larger area break much less frequently than the legs, but the bed with legs looks more airy and weightless.



When choosing a bed, you need to focus on the growth of those who will rest on it, as well as on the size of the room. The rule is simple: buy the largest bed that can fit in the bedroom without interfering with the free movement. Asking the parameters of a particular model in the store, you can hear the answer that the bed size is standard, but it is better to clarify and ask again the exact data in centimeters, since the standards in different countries may differ:

a single bed in width can be 80 cm, 90 cm, and sometimes all 100 cm;
single bed size from 100 to 150 cm;
The double bed has a width of at least 160 cm, the most popular option is 180 cm, but there are “royal” beds 200 cm wide. The standard bed length is 190 cm, less often there are 200 cm long models. length, and if you need a sleeping place even more, you will have to make a bed to order.

When choosing the optimal bed size, consider these recommendations:

the length of the bed should be at least 10 cm (and preferably 15 cm) more than the height of the person who will sleep on it. If this is a pair, then naturally it is necessary to take into account the growth of the one who is taller;
the correct width will be that in which the resting person in his own half can calmly throw his hands behind his head and not disturb the one lying next to him. If we are talking about a single version, in this case, the elbows should be completely placed on the bed, without going beyond it;
between the bed and the nearby object (wall, piece of furniture, etc.) there must be at least 70 cm of free space so that you can easily go to the sleeping area and put a bedside table;
The height of the bed should be such that getting up and lying down was as easy as possible. The older the person, the more attention must be paid to this parameter. If even low beds-podiums are suitable for young people, then for an elderly person it is better to choose a bed higher. Most models have a height of 50-90 cm. The ideal height is when the top edge of the mattress reaches the level of the knees of the person standing next to or even is above this level.
As for the form, it is better to focus on the traditional rectangular, and realize your designer fantasies in an unusual decor and bright textiles. The bed is round, oval, arcuate or in the shape of a heart looks impressive, but can cause a lot of problems: from discomfort during sleep to difficulties with the selection of bed linen and blankets. All will have to sew individually.

The beds

Solid wood


most preferred material. These beds have maximum durability and durability, they are environmentally friendly and safe. The most durable frameworks will be made of oak, ash and beech, but you can find a good option in a more accessible category.


Beds made of hardboard and chipboard

they are cheaper than others, serve for a short time, quickly begin to creak, and then completely crumble. Buying a bed made of chipboard is a necessary measure when the budget is very limited, but even in this case, you need to look at safety certificates and pay attention to the level of formaldehyde emission (in residential areas you can use products of level E0 and E1).


MDF bed

cheaper, but in many ways inferior to wood and metal. Such products look good, do not cause harm to health, but their service life before the first breakdown is somewhat lower than that of wooden counterparts. In terms of price / quality is the most attractive option on the market, so these beds are very popular.

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